Trans Women’s “Alternative” Work Experiences in Turkey is a research project was conducted between October 2015-September 2016 by Social Policies Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Association, and funded by ILGA Europe. Qualitative methods were adapted for this research and 15 in-depth interviews were made with trans women who have different job experiences.

In this project, informants’ education background, employment processes, problems at the workplace, transitioning and military service status were focused to explain their ways to exist in the working life, individual strategies, socio-economic factors and relations with LGBTI movement.

We would like to thank you to Dr. Volkan Yılmaz and Dr. İpek Göçmen for their assistance and helping to implement the project, and sharing their ideas with us; Deniz Zenan Şapka, Hayat Çelik and Şevval Kılıç for sharing their experiences and helping us to reach out to informants; SPoD family for supporting us during implementing the project; Mersin 7 Colors LGBT Association; and last of all to our informants for sharing their experiences, perspectives and guidance.

Hilal Başak Demirbaş
Serhat Kaçan